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Brookfield Tile Roofing Experts

When they need new tile roofing, homeowners choose the Brookfield tile roofing experts at Dave North Roofing. Our tile roof installers are skilled craftsmen who have decades of experience.

What Makes Us Brookfield Tile Roofing Experts?

For over 30 years, Dave North Roofing has been the source for gutters and tile roofing needs in Brookfield. Servicing many of the area’s most historic buildings, we strive to maintain the original design by matching the materials and methods that went into their construction. With our large inventory of reclaimed tiles, we can match most existing tile roofs for repairs or additions.

Fired from clay, tile roofing come in a variety of shapes, colors and textures. From natural earth tones to glazed color finishes, tile roofs will be a dominant architectural feature to a building. The best clay tiles are virtually non-weathering and with maintenance and replacement of the support, materials can be kept going for centuries.

For expert care from Brookfield tile roofing experts, contact Dave North Roofing today for a complimentary consultation.