Slate Roofing

For high-quality slate roofing, Milwaukee homeowners trust Dave North Roofing.
Our slate roofing installers are skilled craftsmen with decades of experience.

Why Choose Slate Roofing?

Because slate is stone that is formed in compressed layers, it can be hand-split into smooth thin pieces that have been used for roofing for centuries around the world. Thickness and dimension vary depending on how the stone is prepared. There are a variety of natural colors (green, gray, purple, black, and red) to choose from. Some colors will weather to earth tones with exposure to weather. Other colors have natural ribbons of darker shades within each piece. This variety can create slate roofs that offer a distinct beauty to different styles of architecture.

Slate Roofing Projects Overview

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It takes a skilled roofer with the vision to create a certain look to guide the roofing project from concept, to design, to installation. It is key to order the right slate combinations from the right slate quarry to achieve the desired look. The best slate is quarried from Vermont and New York. 

Dave North Roofing has the vision, the equipment, and especially the experienced skilled workers to install a classic slate roof on your building. We also fabricate and install custom copper gutters, downspouts, and roof flashings. All copper. All with soldered seams.

Most of the existing slate roofs can be repaired. Broken pieces can be replaced. Damaged copper flashings or gutters can be replaced. Dave North Roofing can custom bend any gutter to match the original. Whether it is a new roof, an addition to an existing roof, or a repair of an older roof call us for your slate roofing, copper gutters, downspout, and flashing needs.