Roofing Services

Our Roofing Services

Slate Roofs

These natural stone roofs can offer a distinct character to a building. Available in a variety of colors, thickness, dimension, and texture, these roofs can achieve quite a variety of looks. The installation methods combined with the right mix of slate can offer a very custom look that is appropriate for the architecture used. With our large inventory of reclaimed slate, we can match most existing roofs for repairs or additions.

Tile Roofs

Fired from clay, roof tiles come in a variety of shapes, colors and textures. From natural earth tones to glazed color finishes, tile roofs will be a dominant architectural feature to a building. The best clay tiles are virtually non-weathering and with maintenance and replacement of the support, materials can be kept going for centuries. With our large inventory of reclaimed tiles, we can match most existing roofs for repairs or additions.

Flat Roofs

Most of the original flat roofs on older buildings with slate or tile roofs were made from either soldered seam tin or copper panels. Because these roofs typically aren’t seen, these are alternatives to the originals at a much lower cost while still lasting up to 20 years. It is very important that the details at the walls, drains, and perimeter edge flashings are done correctly as well as the areas where tile or slate drain over the new roof.

Metal Flashings

While tile and slate will endure for 150 years or more, the metal flashings that carry the water at the joints of the roof can start to fail after just 60 years of rain and snow. These flashings are all custom-built for each detail on the roof, from either tin or copper.

Roof Inspections

When purchasing an older home with an original slate roof or tile roof, prospective buyers need to establish the condition of the roof and gutters in order to establish a final offer price. We offer inspection services and are prepared to move quickly to meet deadlines.

Snow & Ice Protection

Wisconsin winters present some problems with slate & tile roofs. Because slate and tile are a hard and usually smooth surface they are more prone to major ice slides than standard shingle roofs. Invest in smart preventative measures with our Snow & Ice Protection services.