When they need new flat roofing, Milwaukee homeowners choose Dave North Roofing. Our Milwaukee flat roofing installers are skilled craftsmen with decades of experience.

Where Do You Find Flat Roofing in Milwaukee?

Most of the older homes with slate and tile roofs have flat roof areas. After 90+ years, most of the original metal roofs have bee replaced with roll roofing products or rubber membrane. Some of the original copper or tin roofs remain. It is very important that the details at the walls, drains, and perimeter edge flashings are done correctly. It is critical that the areas where tile or slate drain over the new roof are lapped correctly.

Dave North Roofing Corp. has the ability to remove lower courses of tile or slate to allow for the proper lap of the new roof underneath and then re-install the pieces back to their original position. It is also critical to provide positive slope. We take the time in the initial stages of the job to ensure that the roofing substrate is pitched completely so that no water will pond.

Wall flashings are done with counter flashings. Perimeter edge flashings are done without any direct penetrations through the tile or slate. We offer modified bitumen roll roofing or EPDM rubber membrane for most flat roof replacements. These roofs have a 20 year life in most cases.

We also offer flat seam copper roofs. These roofs are fabricated from 20 oz. copper panels with all the seams soldered. These roofs can last 60 -100 yrs. when installed correctly. No matter which material is selected our skilled craftsmen will take the time to make sure the details are done correctly. We service Milwaukee, Shorewood, Whitefish Bay, Fox Point, Bayside, Wauwatosa, or Lake Geneva.