When they need new tile roofing, Milwaukee homeowners choose Dave North Roofing.
Our Milwaukee tile roofing installers are skilled craftsmen who have decades of experience.

Tile Roofing Milwaukee Trusts

The highest quality tile roofs are fired from clay offering a hard baked non-porous surface that will hold up to the freeze/thaw winter conditions found in Wisconsin. These tiles are virtually non-weathering and look like new after 100+ years of exposure to weather. Clay fires naturally to an orange terra cotta color but colors can be added to create a full range of earth tones. Tiles can also be fired with a glazed color that offers a glossy surface which often comes in shades of green.

There are many shapes and sizes from barrel tiles to flat tiles. There is a look that fits any style of architecture. Great examples of the variety of tile roofs can be seen in Wisconsin in Milwaukee, Shorewood, Whitefish Bay, Fox Point, Bayside, Wauwatosa, and Lake Geneva. Clay tile is the finest, longest lasting roofing product available, but it is only as good as the installation and the support materials. It takes an understanding of the different components of the tile roofing product selected and a knowledge of how to adapt it to the building to make the investment in a tile roof worthwhile.

Dave North Roofing has the vision to guide the roofing project from concept, to design, to installation. We have the experienced skilled workers to install a classic tile roof on your building. We also fabricate and install custom copper gutters, downspouts, and roof flashings. All copper. All with soldered seams.

Many of the great houses in Wisconsin still have their tile roofs from the 1920’s that have been maintained by us over the past 39 yrs. Whether it is in Milwaukee, Shorewood, Whitefish Bay, Fox Point, Bayside, Wauwatosa, or Lake Geneva, we will make every effort to maintain the original quality and character of your building.