For slate roofing, Milwaukee residents turn to Dave North Roofing.

Why Dave North Roofing? For over 30 years we have been helping Milwaukee residents solve their roofing needs. Servicing many of the area’s most historic buildings, we strive to maintain the original design by matching the materials and methods that went into their construction. Dave North Roofing is the ultimate in installation and we know how to use the right mix of slate for any building.

Why Slate? Slate roofing offers distinct character. With numerous colors, thicknesses and textures it is simple to come up with a highly customized look. A large inventory of reclaimed slate allows Dave North Roofing to repair or add to your look!

Established in 1979, Dave North Roofing Corp. directly employs its entire workforce. We do not sub-contract our work out to others. This allows us to keep control over the quality and the continuity of our service. Our philosophy of offering career-type compensation packages has allowed us to attract and retain the best craftsmen in this field. Our staff has the training and experience to complete the full scope of work that we offer without having to go outside of our company.

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Get it done with Dave North Roofing.

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