When they need new and replacement metal flashings, Milwaukee homeowners choose Dave North Roofing. Our Milwaukee metal flashing services are performed by skilled craftsmen who have decades of experience.

How Important Are Metal Flashings for Milwaukee Roofs?

The most important component of any roof are the metal flashings that carry the water at the joints. With a tile or slate roof, these flashings are especially important because of the long lives of these roofs. Our skilled craftsmen install both the roofing and flashings. We use copper flashings with soldered seams. The soldering is important as it allows us to make the three way flashing transitions in one piece rather than trying to fit several small pieces together and caulking the three way point. These three way transition points are common at the top and bottom corners of dormers, valleys, and chimneys. The soldering also allows us to shape a flashing to fit the high profile of a roof tile where needed at a transition point. The extra time we take to get these flashing details right will make the difference in the integrity of your slate or tile roof. We have for 35 years serviced the existing tile and slate roofs in the Wisconsin communities of Milwaukee, Shorewood, Whitefish Bay, Fox Point, Bayside, Wauwatosa, and Lake Geneva. Most of these repairs involve the replacement of original metal flashings. This allows our customers to keep their roofs and maintain the original character of their buildings.

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