Gutter Considerations:

When your gutters aren’t working properly it is obvious, but, knowing the important aspects to their repair can be confusing.

  • Gutters are often designed for that particular building
  • Gutters can be built into the overhang, some fit into decorative rafter tails, others hang on the outside of the fascia
  • Gutters are fabricated from either copper or tin
  • Harsh weather conditions causes many older buildings to need replacements
  • New Gutters must fit the original design of the eave without any alterations to the structure

Downspout Considerations:

  • Just a few downspout profiles used on older buildings are still widely used today
  • Soldered joint tin or copper was the standard of the day then but now we use copper
  • The back manufactured seam is where most old downspouts fail
  • Existing decorative leader head boxes and straps are either saved or replaced

Proper repair:

For copper gutters and downspouts, Dave North Roofing is the expert.

Dave North Roofing Corp. are craftsmen, engineers and artists in one working to exactly duplicate the original gutters, and even improve their strength, without a single building alteration. Any design can be achieved with our equipment and expertise.

When it comes to downspouts, Dave North Roofing Corp. goes the extra mile—copper is used to match the original profile and all joints including the back manufactured seam (when left this seam tends to come undone) are soldered. Also, Dave North Roofing never forgets to match or recreate aesthetics.

Call Dave North today at 414-962-5700 today with questions or click here for more information.